Harmony Canva Template Toolkit – Volume 2

About a year after I got online I started using Canva. I thought it would be an easier alternative to graphic editing software like Photoshop, but I didn’t understand it and didn’t make it a priority – so I stopped for a while. But even when I stopped I KNEW that creating and using beautiful […]

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DFY Homeschool Content

12 Months of DFY Homeschool Content

I’ve home-schooled DMan as soon as he could start school. I love the flexibility it brings to our life because we’re able to travel when we want without making arrangements for him to have time off school. What I really love about homeschooling is that he can focus on his passions like science and math. […]

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Healthy Aging Challenge

Brand New Healthy Aging 5-Day Challenge

I released the brand new 5-Day Challenge. This month it is on Healthy Aging. Here are the topics: Day 1: Do Things to Keep Your Brain Active (542 words) Day 2: Get Enough Sleep (598 words) Day 3: Learn to Manage Your Stress (570 words) Day 4: Discover the Benefits of a Positive Mindset (632 words) […]

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Create Passive Income With DFY Journal Templates

Hi! Are you interested in creating products such as journals, planners, and diaries? These are really popular and there is profit potential with this product with lots of growth. Bill Platt & Di Hueser have a great product that will help you start publishing journals on Amazon and other marketplaces! Each month you’ll get access […]

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networking-PLR-300x150 (1)

Networking PLR Pack

When I first started writing PLR I took a course and inside the person said to go onto Facebook and find other people in your niche and send them a friend request. Up until that point I had mostly family and friends, plus one or two women who I met through different direct sales companies. […]

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Do You Teach Blogging?

Do you teach blogging? If you do, one aspect that your audience needs to be aware of is the GDPR laws to be compliant. I’ve got a done-for-you content pack all about this important topic. You’ll get: 5 Articles all based around the importance of GDPR a 12-page report (compiled of hte articles) an eCover […]

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Task Management Challenge Day 2

Time Management Challenge: Day 2

Based on your goals, define your priorities. What tasks matter that will help you achieve your goals?    Getting your goals down on paper or listed out in a word document, is just the start. Now you need to prioritize. There are a number of things to consider when deciding which goals should be first […]

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Time Management Challenge Day 1

Time Management Challenge: Day 1 Identify What Matters Most

Identify What Matters Most To You Today you’re going to work on identifying what matters most to you.  This might not seem like a big deal or something you should do, but when you KNOW what you’re working towards it is much easier to get there and say no to the things that don’t. Answer […]

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Challenge Day 1

Time Management Challenge: Intro & What to Expect

I am always looking for new ways to be more productive and use my time effectively.  I’m like everyone else – I’ve got a life outside my business.  That is why I love this content so much from Chad Eljisr and Jimmy W Brown because it works if teach people about time management in anyway, […]

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