Building a Funnel From PLR Content 

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One of the simplest things to do with PLR is to build a simple opt-in funnel. Let’s go through the process so you can see how simple it is to do using private label rights content. First, understand what an opt-in funnel is so you can clearly see what you need to accomplish it.

To create a simple opt-in funnel, you need:

  • A Problem-Solving Lead Magnet
  • A Few Subject Matter Blog Posts
  • A Landing Page with Sign Up Form
  • A Thank You / Download Page
  • An Autoresponder with Follow-Up Messages
  • The Main Product to Promote

Each of these parts of the funnel requires that you know who your audience is and what your ultimate goal is, aside from them downloading the lead magnet and getting on your list. You need to know what type of product you want to ultimately recommend to them and sell to them after they get your freebie.

If you write down what you’re creating, you can shop for and buy the right private label content to use during every step of the process, including making your lead magnet, blog posts, landing page, download page, product, and email messages.

It’s much easier to start with the main signature product you want to promote, but even if you don’t have one yet, but you generally know what you want to help your audience with, you can start by using PLR to create your lead magnet and start building your email list. Once you have finished that, you can then work on designing your signature product and searching for the content to create the product.

A Problem-Solving Lead Magnet

Choose the place your audience is in during their buyer’s journey that you want to attract and find one small problem you can solve for them using purchased private label content.

For example, if you are trying to build a Life Coaching business using your expertise in diet, exercise, and lifestyle to help people deal with and thrive even with anxiety, you can search for content related to dealing with anxiety. For example, you might create a report called 10 Foods That Combat Anxiety or 10 Mindset Changes to Overcoming Anxiety.

Just search for your favorite PLR provider’s stores to find content about anxiety. You can download eBooks, reports, blog posts, articles, or even videos to help you create the freebie. The key to a good freebie is it should be short, and actionable, and the customer should be able to consume the content fast and implement the instructions fast.

A Few Subject Matter Blog Posts

As you search for the content, you’ll want to use some of the content to create the lead magnet, but you’re also going to want general anxiety content or diet content depending on your focus that hints at the solution but doesn’t offer one unless they download the freebie. Usually, three to five blog posts that talk in general about anxiety will work. Remember, the CTA for the blog posts will be to download the quick anxiety-ridding solution you have created from PLR content.

A Landing Page With Sign Up Form

You can create a landing page with your website without any special software, but you will need email autoresponder software to create the sign-up form. It’s super-fast to build landing pages using software like or because this type of software includes templates and all you have to do is fill in the blanks with your own information.

A Thank You / Download Page

Don’t send the PDF freebie to their email. Instead, send a link to the download page. Use the Thank You Page to provide additional information aside from just the freebie downloadable. This is prime real estate on your website that is going to be visited by everyone who wants the freebie, and you may as well use it to promote something else too that is related.

An Autoresponder With Follow-Up Messages

Using your email software to deliver these follow-up messages after the user signs up and downloads their freebie is the way you’ll tell them more about what you offer and the main product you think they should purchase in order to get rid of their anxiety. You’ll need three to five autoresponders for each freebie or product you create. It should consist of at least a welcome and thank you message with the link to download, plus point them to other content on your blog that is relevant.

The Main Product to Promote

While it does help to create the main product first so that you know what type of lead magnet to create to promote it, you can also make the product later. Just find the information you’re looking for based on your knowledge of anxiety from your favorite PLR seller, then combine it into a program that is worth selling and running.

This might be a group coaching option, a one-on-one coaching option, or something else entirely, it’s up to you and your audience. You can use PLR to compile the information. Edit it and make it look attractive, adding extras to it like checklists, cheat sheets, and charts that are useful to them.

This is how simple it is to create a simple product funnel from PLR. Make a list of what you need, shop for it, edit it, and combine it into a unique product or service for your audience and you’re in business. Don’t forget to use the right terms that attract your ideal customer and to follow up as much as possible by cross-promoting your social networks, groups, and events too.

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