Task Management Challenge Day 2

Time Management Challenge: Day 2

Based on your goals, define your priorities. What tasks matter that will help you achieve your goals?


 Getting your goals down on paper or listed out in a word document, is just the start. Now you need to prioritize. There are a number of things to consider when deciding which goals should be first in order.

A good starting point, is your health goals. Ask yourself if your physical and mental health is where it needs to be, in order to even get started on your financial, weight loss or personal relationship goals.

When you are not in your best physical health or you are suffering from periodic bouts of depression, then just getting started on those other goals is going to be a tough task. You need to really power up physically and mentally. Even if you are close to where you need to be, a morning ritual is a must, in order to get the fire within burning.

Taking a cold shower instead of a hot one will get you totally alert, and focused. Drinking a power smoothie instead of eating a bowl of cereal loaded with sugar will get the type of energy your brain needs to get cracking.

Having a mission statement, that is filled with your personal values, will help prioritize what you need to do in the timeframe you pick to do and achieve your goals. You need to know who you are and exactly what you stand for in for life. When you don’t really know what your values are, then setting and attaining goals will be difficult.

Think of couch surfers; those people who lay on the couch and watch endless hours of television drivel. Since they have no idea what their values are and how achieving goals will bring them ultimate pleasure, they watch the lives of others in fiction and reality shows…in order to gain pleasure. But it is short lived pleasure and the addictive need for more is overwhelming.

When you are totally focused and have nailed down your priorities in life, going out and attaining those goals will be far more pleasurable than couch surfing.

One of the essential parts of hacking time, is deciding what tasks matter right at this moment. To give an example of the right tasks, let’s look at early morning.

You’ve already gotten out of bed early. Your eyes are wide open and the lungs are full of air. What is your priority task right now besides a healthy intake of food or liquid? Many people would choose to read the newspaper or live news on a device. That is the wrong way to start your day. You need to be in top mind frame, so reading your daily and weekly goals would be a much better task. The positive messages that you send to your brain, cause it to mirror what you want.

If you want a day of negativity, then your brain can arrange that by replaying all the things that the news tells you is wrong with the world.

Action Steps:

-Read through your goals and write down the top 3 priorities, from each group of goals. Remember you should have health, financial, business and the like.

-Now assign a value to each priority, using the numbers 1 to 5. The one that you assign a 5 to, is your top priority.

-Now write down the tasks you need to do, in order to complete the top goal. For example, in health, if you want to run to lose weight, what would be your tasks? Buy new running gear? Get a running partner to motivate you? Learn proper stretching first, so that you do not injury yourself?

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