Do You Struggle Want To Earn As an Affiliate Sharing PLR – You’ll Want These Checklists

A few months ago I bought a checklist bundle from Kevin Fahey & Chad Eljisr on PLR with PLR rights. You honestly can’t get any better than that…well at least for me and my niche. I’m going to brand these and put them up on my site as opt-ins. I wanted to share them with […]

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PLR Idea: Amazing Way To Use Your Plant-Based PLR

Smoothies contain so many fruits and vegetables in them that they are a popular breakfast food. People make them because they taste good and they are healthy but are these wonder drinks making them fat? >>Get the Plant Based Smoothies PLR Pack For Only $27 << They might be if they are just using fruits. Fruit contains […]

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5 Steps To Slant Done-For-You Content For Your Niche

Do you need help coming up with ideas on how to take a done-for-you product and slanting it to your niche? Today I’m going to walk you through a product from Chad Elijsr and Jimmy W Brown all about Goal Setting. Goal setting can be used in most niches but this specific product is geared […]

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How To Create an Opt-In With DFY Journal Templates

I love journals and planners. I buy them and sometimes I’ll make them for my audience. A couple of weeks ago Jenn Brockman from Planning Addicts contacted me to let me know she was going to start an inexpensive monthly membership for done-for-you journal templates. The first month you get two planners and when I […]

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How To Create a Recipe Series For Your Audience With This DFY Content

Do you own a food blog? Are you having a hard time keeping up on all the recipes that you need to create? I’ve got a great solution for you: Kitchen Bloggers On this site, you’ll find done-for-you recipes and food images. Recipes are easy to use on blogs that talk about food because you […]

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How To Create An Opt-In And Grow Your Blog With This Happiness PLR

Do you need to create an opt-in for your personal development blog but not sure what to create or what topic to pick? Happiness is hot topic nowadays. With everything people do on a daily basis sometimes it can be difficult to focus on the good and what makes you happy. In fact, some people […]

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Vision Board PLR

3 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Earn Affiliate Commissions With DFY Vision Board Content

A couple of years ago I was at my cousin’s house and we decided to create a vision board for what we wanted our next year to be like. We drove all over town to purchase magazines, stickers and books that we could use. We also stopped at the office supply store to get poster […]

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Patio PLR

DFY CONTENT: Profit Potential on Patio PLR

I’ve got a PLR pack you can earn commission on through recommending products. Soon it is going to be spring and tax season. What do these two things have in common? People are going to start spending money on things for their house and outdoor patio is one that quite a few people want to […]

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DFY Content: Organic Farm Fresh Food & Gardening PLR

It‘s that time of year again…getting the soil ready to start gardening. I try it almost every year, but so far I haven’t had much luck. DMan wants to start gardening and I really like it because I’ll know exactly where our food comes from. Home grown and farm fresh food holds an appeal to […]

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DFY Content: Vision Board Blog Posts, Reports & Planner

Visions boards are a fun way to take your goals and make them visual. A few years ago DMan and I each did one with my cousin’s family. Everyone had a blast creating them because it represented what they wanted for their future. The one that I made is still up on the wall because […]

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