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what is PLR

What Is PLR? 

You’re about to learn about something so crucial to your business that you’re going to wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along. As a business owner who understands the power of content marketing to help boost traffic, engage with your audience, and make more money (and so much more), you also realize that […]

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Procrastination Journal & Blog Series….

If you want to start marketing and getting the word out about your new Procrastination Planner the fastest way to do that is with content. Use words to share on your social media networks, as well as on your blog. Don’t want to create the content from scratch? You don’t have to. We’ve got you […]

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Sugar Report

Sugar is a huge topic on a lot of health-related sites. Even Dr. Oz talks about it and January must be the month he’s really featuring it because when I was on the site a couple of days ago there were several different sugar topics on the front page. http://nichestarterpacks.com/sugar-plr-report/  This particular bundle is a […]

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Use The Product Income Review PLR To Up Your Affiliate Marketing Game!

Passive income is a very important way to add income to your bottom line. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own now. You can add affiliate income. Affiliate income is an important way to make money, but sometimes it can be challenging to figure out what to promote and what will make you […]

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How To Make The Most Out of The Procrastination Planner & Printables

Yesterday I shared with you my new Procrastination Planner & Printables. ==>Grab the Procrastination Planner & Printables This has tons of great content that are going to help you create a product of incredible value for your audience. Check out what is included and how you can use them to make a profit in your […]

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Meditation PLR Under $20

Over the last few days, I’ve been researching being more Mindful.  This is going to be a product in the next couple of months, but one topic kept coming up again and again when I was researching and that was Meditation. Meditation is powerful for personal development. Check out the topics you’ll get: How to […]

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Huge Bundle of DFY Healthy Home, Habits & Family Content Pack

Stay safe and healthy. Have you seen or heard that phrase? I see it at the end of emails, receipts from stores and on boxes that come in the mail. When I looked on Google Trends this morning it said that was a breakout keyword and then the main topics were these five: Physical Fitness […]

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Hot Topic 🔥 DFY Journaling for Creativity

Ever wanted to know why a creative person should journal? Or how to boost creativity with journaling prompts? Is your audience looking for more info about creative journaling? These questions, and more, are answered with this high quality PLR content … ==>Grab it here: https://aprilloves.me/NSPCreativeJournaling All of the content is presented in a way that […]

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2 Reasons To Use Journaling For Creativity Content

Did you know that there are just as many ways to journal as there are people? Seriously! When I looked into the sheer number of journals available to just the creative person – holy cow that’s a lot of choices! ==>Grab it here: https://aprilloves.me/NSPCreativeJournaling Now, this means two things to me: 1. it’s a much […]

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🎃🎃Pumpkin Spice Recipes In This DFY Recipe Pack

Do you use recipes on your blog? If so, take a look at this done-for-you recipes and food images from Trish at Kitchen Blogger. It is the New & Improved Comfort Food Cooking PLR Mega Pack. ==>Grab the Comfort Food Cooking PLR Mega Pack You’ll get 27 recipes, including 5 new ones. Check them out: […]

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