Huge Bundle of DFY Healthy Home, Habits & Family Content Pack

Stay safe and healthy.

Have you seen or heard that phrase? I see it at the end of emails, receipts from stores and on boxes that come in the mail.

When I looked on Google Trends this morning it said that was a breakout keyword and then the main topics were these five:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Exercise
  • Parenting
  • Education
  • Telecommuting

==>Grab the Healthy Home, Habits & Family ContentCoupon Code: HEALTHY

Take a look at this set of 25 articles you’ll get as part of the Healthy Home, Habits & Family Content:

  1. Changing Your Morning Habits (463 words)
  2. Daily Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss (492 words)
  3. Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Mental Health (456 words)
  4. Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Physical Health (503 words)
  5. Try These Healthy Snacks to Live Healthier Daily (465 words)
  6. The Importance of Challenges for Optimal Health (404 words)
  7. The ‘No Diet’ Diet – An Easier Lifestyle Change (509 words)
  8. Tips for Incorporating Fitness Into Your Daily Routine (460 words)
  9. Vitamins and Minerals to Get Through Natural Sources (468 words)
  10. How Expressing Gratitude Helps with Health and Wellness (470 words)
  11. Why Helping Others Helps with Your Own Health (476 words)
  12. Simple Eating Habits to Develop for Overall Health (451 words)
  13. 3 Ways to Get High Energy in the Morning (537 words)
  14. Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping (415 words)
  15. Simple Guideline to Eating Clean (444 words)
  16. These Bedtime Habits Improve Your Healthy Lifestyle (425 words)
  17. Why Morning Workouts are Ideal (452 words)
  18. Declutter Your Mind to Declutter Your Life (661 words)
  19. The Importance of a Clean Home for Health (432 words)
  20. How to Stay Motivated to Maintain Your Health (493 words)
  21. The Health Benefits of Cold Showers (432 words)
  22. Habits of Healthy and Fit People (459 words)
  23. What to Add to Your Bath for Improved Health (475 words)
  24. Tips for Getting Better Sleep Every Night (496 words)
  25. Reduce Stress as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle (439 words)

People want to learn about all of these topics to help them be safe and healthy.

This PLR pack is part of a bundle that Jennifer Andersen and I combined from both of our stores. You won’t be able to get this exact combo anywhere else – especially for this price!

You’ll get  65 articles, 1 report, 1 eBook, 1 Canva eCover Template, 10 Social Media Posts, 100+ keywords, and 50+ bonus royalty free images all related to the Healthy Home, Habits, and Family niche. 

If you bought these separately you’d pay $91, but right now you can grab them for only $24.95!

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