How to Create a Challenge From a PLR Report

People Detox for a variety of reasons – health, to feel better, to rid themselves of toxins. When you’re creating your product, pick one of the reasons and cater the product around that.

Here are a few:

  • Detox to lose weight
  • Detox to clear skin
  • Detox to lose fit into your sexy black dress
  • Water detox for rapid weight loss

Here are just two packs that can help you:

  • Jennifer Andersen – Detoxing PLR
  • Tiffany Lambert – Total Wellness Cleanse Presell PLR Report (great topics in the report that can be slanted to your angle)
  • Tiffany Lambert -Detox (5 articles)
  • Tiffany Lambert – Detox Funnel (this is the biggest and can be broken up and used SO many ways. Plus you’ll save big by getting it now)

One of my best-selling products is the water drinking challenge. You can get the Detoxing PLR and use the 5-page report and then it into a 7-day challenge.

Here’s how to break the report up:

  • Day 1: Detox with infused water and what happens when you don’t drink enough (include everything that happens)
  • Day 2: Drinking enough water is key to your health and what is infused water
  • Day 3: Benefits of drinking water for Detox
  • Day 4: What to put in infused water?
  • Day 5: How to prepared infused water
  • Day 6: Infused water combos
  • Day 7: Take the last paragraph of the report and expand upon it. This day would be good to talk about other diet lifestyle options or a more in depth detox plan. This would be a great place to put your products.

There are other ways you could do this – like adding more of the recipes on day 6 throughout the other days or create more days with different recipes. If you did this – find recipes and add them and then explain why these ingredients are good for detoxing.

Have a great and productive day!

~ April

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