Confidence & Self Esteem Ekit

You wouldn’t think so, but this confidence eKit that Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan created would pair nicely with the Overcoming Limiting Beliefs.


One strategy that worked for me when I was going through this was to create 3X5 index cards with quotes, inspiration, and affirmations on them.

I spent hours coming up with them… okay this might have been a delay tactic, but I’m glad that I did because I put them on a corkboard right in front of my desk and any time I was struggling I would look up and read a few of these quotes.

That is where Confidence and Self Esteem EKit comes into play.

Here is what you’ll get:

  • 10 Product Templates – create t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, stickers, towels, phone cases and more (.png / PSD)
  • 10 Coloring Pages – coloring is a hit with children and adults alike. Use these sheets to generate traffic or create downloadable or print coloring books for sale. (.png / PSD 2550 x 3300 px)
  • 100-Page Confidence & Self-Esteem Journal – comes with the Ecover Set. There are two 3d versions with .psd for editing.
  • 365-Day Planner – comes with the Ecover Set. There are two 3d versions with .psd for editing.
  • 36-Card Printable Card Deck – done-for-you and completely customizable
  • Bonus #1: The Top Product Dropshippers with tips on creating and selling your own products.
  • Bonus #2: Print on Demand Profits Guide: Cut your learning curve with our easy-to-follow 4-step system on profiting from print on demand products.
  • Bonus #3: 3 Planner Templates, 3 Journal Templates, Planner Creation Checklist and Journal Creation Checklist

Take a look at the 36-Card Printable Card Deck – done-for-you and completely customizable. These aren’t 3X5 cards, but they’ll work. You could offer them as a physical product or you could offer them as a digital download.

This whole pack is set up for success in mind.

==>Grab the Confidence and Self-Esteem EKit

Or get this free mini eKit.

Have a great and productive day!

~ April

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