How to “do the money tasks first” every day

There are so many things pulling at your attention when you run a small business.

Technical issues that must be fixed (and usually by you).

Bookkeeping tasks that never seem to end (and again, are on your desk).

Shiny objects that promise to be the key to your success (but rarely are).

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of being busy all the time, but if you’re not intentional about it, all that busy can translate into not very much profit to show for it.

That’s why you’ll often hear the advice to “do the money tasks first.” Which, on the surface, sounds great. The only question is, what exactly ARE those money tasks?

Cindy Bidar faced the same problem in her business, so she devised a solution. She calls it The Daily Money Makers Toolkit, and it’s a collection of ideas any online business owner can use to ensure they’re doing the most important work every day.

Download your copy of the Daily Money Makers Toolkit here.

What I really love about this toolkit is the way she’s organized it. It’s divided into two parts—Now Money and Later Money. If you need to bring in some cash this week (or even today) turn to the Now Money section and pick a task to do.

Each idea includes estimated time for completion and potential profit numbers as well, so you’ll know how long to allow for each project.

Don’t ignore the Later Money ideas though! Make it a habit to add these to your daily schedule, you’ll have far fewer “OMG the rent is due this week” anxiety attacks and much smoother cash flow all year long.

==>Grab the Daily Money Makers Toolkit

Rather than getting caught up in the busy work and urgent (or not) tasks that can easily take over your days, The Daily Money Makers Toolkit instead inspires you to prioritize the work that pays the bills. It features ideas for bringing in quick cash (Now Money) as well as seeds you can plant that will grow into predictable sales down the road (Later Money).

Have a great and productive day!

~ April

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