Learn How to Use PLR With This Brandable Content Workshop

Brandable Content Workshop

Over the last couple of weeks, Kelly McCaussey has been working on a Brandable Content Workshop and posting about it. I’ve kept an eye on it because this is all about using your PLR! It is done and she has given me a coupon so that you can pick this up for ONLY $7!

Get the Brandable Content Workshop Today – Coupon Code APRIL7

If you’re struggling with using the PLR or maybe you’re overwhelmed with just getting it organized – this training is going to help you.

Take a look at the modules you’ll get:

  • All The Many Uses For PLR – she’s going over how flexible brandable content is and where to find quality products. Once you know how flexible PLR is you’ll stop seeing it as something scary and look at it with excitement!
  • Simple Steps For Making PLR Unique – you’ll learn how to implement it so that no one knows it is PLR and discover how to engage your audience. Think about all the time you can save if you knew how to use content effectively AND use your own voice. You can create and share so much more content with your audience.
  • Yes, You Can Sell This Stuff! – You don’t want to just buy the PLR, you want to create products and make it available to sell so that you’re earning money. This training session with help with that! What would it mean for you to be able to create one, two or fifteen products in 2018 quickly? You can serve your audience and earn money doing it. Win, win!
  • Organizing Your PLR For Easy Implementation (Bonus) – Does all the PLR you have overwhelm you? Learn how to organize it in a proven method that’ll show you how to save time. This one is not quite ready, but it’ll be up soon.
  • Live Group Coaching Session (Dec. 28th) – You’ll be able to ask any questions you have on this live group coaching session. Make time before this call and as you’re going through the training, write your questions down so that you’re ready. This really is the icing on the cake. You’ll have an expert to answer all those questions you’ve been meaning to ask. 🙂 This alone is worth way more than the price of the full price of the course!

Kelly creates PLR, but she also uses it in her business. A few months ago, I watched a video of her showing others how she uses it. She quickly made a PLR report into something that she could use in her business as an opt-in. She took words out, added content, changed font and then she also added a Call To Action. She had a very specific objective for that piece of content and then she made sure that everything supported that.

Discover How to Engage Your Audience & Make Money With PLR – Coupon Code April7

For a $7 investment this training is definitely worth it! Learn how to use your PLR quickly and easily! If you’re struggling to use your brandable content or you just want to see how someone else uses it in their business – I’d purchase this because the price won’t last long.

I bought this course and Kelly does an excellent job.


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