Duplicate Content Penalty

Many people have heard of the “duplicate content penalty”.  So it is natural that when people first start using private label rights (PLR) one of the first concerns they have is about the Duplicate Content Penalty from search engines.

If you use PLR – Google is going to punish you and sandbox your site, right?

Nope, they won’t.  In fact, this is a myth!

What DOES Duplicate Content Mean?

The thing is that most people don’t really understand what “duplicate content” actually means.  They’ve heard other people use it and have warned them not to have the same content that other sites have on their blog.

The idea is that Google will penalize your site for containing duplicate content.  Most people think that duplicate content means content that is on more than one site.

The good news is that this isn’t true.

There are actually sites that model curating content or using content from other people’s sites and they do it successfully.  So this model works.

Duplicate content actually refers to having the same exact content on your site multiple times.  

There is no site-wide penalty for a blog that uses content that is also on another site. Google themselves explain this in their Webmaster Guidelines.

What does happen, however, is that you may not show up in search results for a specific keyword if there are other sites that are considered by Google to be more valuable to the reader.  Google chooses 1or 2 of the “best” sites that have the same content for that keyword search term and does not include the others.

The reality is that you cannot publish a site with 100% PLR content used as-is and expect to rank with no effort.

That brings us to the big question….

How do you use PLR and make sure you rank for all of your keywords?

Simply –

Either mix PLR with some of your own content or learn to tweak and rewrite PLR in ways that make it unique to you!

Tomorrow I’m going to give you steps on how to rewrite your pre-written content in four easy steps.

Have a great and productive day!


But what is it and more importantly how will it affect you if you use pre-written content?

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