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It snowed on Saturday and the kids around the neighborhood have been sledding down our hill for two days. We don’t have a sled, so DMan hasn’t done it.

The street has been quiet except for that. We haven’t had any cars since Saturday either because the snowplow isn’t to the side streets yet. It has been nice.


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When I first started my journey into building a business I bought 3X5 cards, then went through quotes that I felt would help me.

I had a corkboard hung right in front of my desk, and whenever I had doubts, lacked self-confidence, or any of the other emotions that come with stepping out of your comfort zone – I would look at the corkboard and read the quotes.

During that time I had a few things I think helped me, but doing this was a major one. Those quotes helped me reframe my mindset and move to the next step.

This is one of the reasons I think what Tools For Motivation is offering is so powerful. I know I used quotes, but I’m sure affirmations would work better because they’re more specific to you, and they use the word I.

You could take the affirmations and create deck cards for them. This would allow people to put them in their purse or corkboard.

Or take the info that is given and create a journal. They provide a page for each week with three sections: Intro of the week, affirmations, and an exercise. To create the journal, I would include the intro of the week and the exercise. Then, on the second page, I would include the affirmations, a prompt, and a space to journal under that.

The last step I’d take would be to add these to your email autoresponder in a weekly sequence.

Then, whoever bought these could opt-in to the weekly reminder emails.

Have a great and productive day!

April & DMan
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