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Save Money Content Bundle PLR

People are looking at their budgets and trying to decide where they’ll be able to save more throughout the month. They all have different reasons – maybe someone lost a job or they’ve decided it’s time to start saving for retirement. In this Pre-Written Saving Money bundle – a report, articles, and an eCourse, you’ll […]

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Healthy School Lunches PLR

Children are going back to school and parents are packing lunches, so they’ll need some fresh ideas. They’ve been doing this for a few months and their children are getting tired of baloney and cheese sandwiches…do kids even eat baloney anymore? Haha. My point is that they’re tired of the same old thing they’ve been […]

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Growth Mindset PLR

Having a growth mindset will give them a better sense of who they are and how they want to move forward. The great thing about this type of mindset – even if you don’t have one now, it can change which means people will have an increase in motivation and achievement. So this type of […]

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Happiness PLR, It Matters Help Your Customers Find Their Happy

Happiness is another hot topic nowadays. With everything people do on a daily basis sometimes it can be difficult to focus on the good and what makes you happy. In fact, some people just focus on the bad that is going on and whenever you see them – they aren’t very happy. I was listening […]

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Superfoods PLR, HOT Topic That’s Trending Right Now

It seems like all the manufacturers are adding Superfoods to their ingredient lists. Why? Because people want them in their diet. They have discovered how these foods are amazing for you and want to incorporate them into their daily life. Look at the topics you’ll get: The 5 Health Benefits of Almonds – (429 words) […]

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How to Create a Challenge From a PLR Report

People Detox for a variety of reasons – health, to feel better, to rid themselves of toxins. When you’re creating your product, pick one of the reasons and cater the product around that. Here are a few: Detox to lose weight Detox to clear skin Detox to lose fit into your sexy black dress Water […]

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Plant-Based Smoothie PLR

I love smoothies. I’m not the only one that enjoys smoothies. I haven’t made one for a while, but I like to make them because depending on what you put in them they can provide you with so many vitamins and minerals. I like to add spinach as well as berries. Sometimes I’ll add peanut […]

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Use The Product Income Review PLR To Up Your Affiliate Marketing Game!

Passive income is a very important way to add income to your bottom line. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own now. You can add affiliate income. Affiliate income is an important way to make money, but sometimes it can be challenging to figure out what to promote and what will make you […]

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New Growth Mindset Journal With Writing Prompts

Hi, I’ve released my Growth Mindset Journal With Writing Prompts. Here’s what you’ll get: 50 Writing Prompts in three different formats. 31-Page Journal, “Journaling For Growth Mindset” (Powerpoint) 10-Page Printable, “50 Journaling Prompts For Growth Mindset” (Powerpoint) 50 Journal Writing Prompts in Word 3 Editable eCovers 2 Canva eCover Templates 1 PowerPoint eCover Longtail Keyword […]

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Big DFY Travel Content Bundle

Travel is a huge part of family vacations – whether families are taking a staycation in their area, going to a location a couple of hours away, or traveling across the ocean. People LOVE to travel. The new experiences, the memories, the culture, and of course the food. There are certain times that travel seems […]

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